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We offer students of the MSc programmes Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy Engineering and Management a high-quality teaching portfolio on the topics of energy and sustainability, analysis and assessment of sustainable development strategies (using life cycle assessment, input-output analysis, and material flow analysis), and decoupling of human activities from negative impacts on the environment. Some of our courses are open to students from other programmes. Our teaching combines the latest state of the knowlege on sustainable energy supply and material cycles with a sound introduction to the methods of quantitative environmental systems analysis. Next to up-to-date topics and sound methodolgy, we strongly encourage team work as well as ndependent and critical thinking.

We currently offer four courses throughout the year.

The module "Energy and Sustainability" is one of the introductory courses in the MSc programme 'Renewable Energy Engineering and Management'. This course is mandatory for students of 'Renewable Energy Engineering and Management' in their first semester.

This course is taught together with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker (honorary professor at Uni Freiburg) and Philipp Thapa (Uni Greifswald).

The module "Nachhaltiges Energie- und Stoffstrommanagement" (Sustainable energy and material flow management, taught in German) is an elective course for students of the MSc programme in Environmental sciences in their second semester.

The module "Life Cycle Management" contains a thorough introduction to life cycle assessment (LCA), one of the most important tools for quantitative environmental assessment. Next to a sound introduction to the theoretical principles of LCA we train students in the use of the openLCA software, the ecoinvent process database, and provide numerous practical examples. The main part of this course is project work in small groups.

This course is taught in English every winter term. It is open to students at the MSc level.

The module "Research Methods in Industrial Ecology" is a preparatory course for students to intend to conduct their MSc thesis in the industrial ecology group. It consists of additional lectures and exercises on industrial ecology methods, and a larger project work.

This course is taught in English every winter term. It is open to students at the MSc level.

Finally, we contribute to the "Project" module of the MSc REM by giving an introduction to scientific work and organising a poster session.

Part of the teaching material we use is available on our research portal.