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Reserach group Industrial Ecology Freiburg in front of the Herder building of the university.

Stefan Pauliuk, PhD

Professor for sustainable energy and material flow management (industrial ecology), group leader

Tel: +49-761-203-98726

Fax: +49-761-203-3600

Mail: stefan.pauliuk[]


Consultion hour: Please arrange with me by email if you would like an appointment. You can find me in the Herder building ('Herderbau'), room 02032 (2. floor, east wing, close to R200).


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Isabella Katz

Administrative support and accounting

Office hours: Tuesday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Friday 9-12 a.m.

Tel: 0761-203-8599

Mail: em_IK


Rio Aryapratama

Doctoral candidate, Integrated sustainability analysis of biomass-based materials use, life cycle assessment

Tel: 0761-203-54034

Mail : em_Rio


Christian Buschbeck

researcher, life cycle assessment of buildings and agricultural systems, optimisation algorithms.

Tel: 0761-203-54035

Mail: em_CB


Arthur (Artos) Jakobs

Doctoral candidate, Input-output analysis, supply chain modelling, statistics.

Tel: 0761-203-54245

Mail: em_Arthur


Kavya Madhu

Doctoral candidate, Digitalization, transformation of industrial processes, life cycle assessment.

Tel: 0761-203-54034

Mail: em_kavya


Simon Schulte

Doctoral candidate, transformation of industrial processes, input-output analysis.

Tel: 0761-203-54245

Mail: em_Simon


Gilang Hardadi

Doctoral candidate, Modelling of sustainable production functions

Stefanie Klose

Doctoral candidate, Prospective analysis of sustainable metal cycles

Former group members

Mohammad Mahadi Hasan

Student assistant, Visualisation, JavaScript, svg.